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Thank you for checking in. No, the issue was NOT resolved.

I was on the phone for hours with people from Universal, and after my son having to stand outside separate from his group of friends by himself at 15, getting shuffled from line to line, he finally got in around 9 pm and then left at 11. Universal's only sorry offer, was for him to actually go back out to guest services to get a "fast pass" or whatever the Universal version is called, to a scare house!! I almost started laughing when that was the offer- For my son to go back out of the park he had just finally gotten into after all evening to get these passes??? Disgusting!!

Sadly, we live an hour away, and we will be "Disney for Lifer's"... We were wanting to transition over to Universal for our family of five, because we have done the Disney thing for many years and kids are older now, but NEVER will I be ok with the way things were handled there at Universal Studios Orlando.

My son was embarassed, scared, etc. and there was nothing they do to, according to the phone conversations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Studios Orlando Customer Care.

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Yes it’s horrible your son had to stand in line to resolve a situation, one you conveniently don’t discuss so the reads are left to assume there’s a reason you’re hiding that fact....sorry you and/or son were at fault for the situation, sorry Universal couldn’t resolve the issue you cause quickly, I’ve always found them to bend over backwards to resolve situations even when they weren’t Universal’s fault.....yes please by all means go back to WDW

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