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I just came back from my vacation at Universal Studios Florida on one of the Harry Potter ride you had to check everything you own into a locker in a dark tight non ventilated alleyway after the ride we went back to get our bags but the locker would not let my son use his fingerprint to get into our locker we waited over an hour and a half people walking all over us pushing us shoving us dying of the Heat when I finally started screaming that's when security came to my assistance and asked me what the heck was going on I started crying and saying that I have been asking for help to get the Locker open for an hour and a half that I was having a full-blown panic attack we could not get our bags out the security guard then told me that we would have to wait until the Park closed and all the other lockers were empty it wasn't our fault we knew what the lock or number was the locker had a malfunction so I tell him that wasn't acceptable it took me outside to try to calm me down while one of the security guards took my grandson in to help him get the locker opened it took him another 45 minutes so we wasted over 2 hours just trying to get our bag and that *** Locker two and a half hours for us for a ride that we waited an hour on and took 5 minutes I will never ever ever ever go back to Universal Studios Florida

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Studios Orlando Facility.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The prices are not worth the abuse and trouble. way too high.


bless you. that whole thing was a nightmare.

We will never go to universal studios. looks like they are just money hungry and do not care about their customers!!

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