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Universal Studios, Orlando is guilty of false advertising re: parking fees and discrimination against the handicapped. On Nov.

3, 2018, my spouse, who has cerebra palsy, and I arrived at the parking gate at 7:40pm to go to City Walk. The on line advertisement read free parking after 6pm for Florida residents, but we were required to pay the $25. parking fee. Moreover, my spouse and I are seniors and she is handicapped.

The ticket agent didn't seem to care. She said it was a busy, eventful night. Nothing on the website said anything about exceptions to the price.

I feel we were treated unfairly and my spouse was discriminated against by Universal Studios. dholst347@aol.com

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I believe this was a Halloween Horror Nights event night, which cancels out the free 6PM and later parking.


Hmmmmmmm. I found something online about exceptions.

Sounds like you didn't do your due diligence. Not sure where the discrimination came in.

Did they say old people with physical issues have to pay but everyone else is free? Yeah, that didn't happen did it...

to Anonymous #1594161

You didnt do your homework. I said parking from 6pm to 10pm for Florida residents was supposed to be free. Our age and handicapp status was a seperate instance of discrimination

to Danny #1612998

Sounds like YOU are the one who didn't do your homework. I've been going to Universal for years.

On HHN nights there is NO free parking. It's clear as day on the website. As far as discrimination, why on earth would anyone believe you when you don't spell out what supposedly happened that was discriminatory?

Because not allowing you free parking had NOTHING to do with disability. Tell us what happened or we know you are a liar.

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