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Hi there, I’m Justin, visiting Universal Studio Orlando from Toronto. I enjoyed all the experience except for the last part in Krustyland on Dec 26.

I lined up in the single rider line at around 2pm in Krustyland, where I was with 6 other visitors. A female staff working under Shauntee (manager of the team), taking 6 of us into row 4, and intentionally kept me alone waiting in the single rider line. At first, I thought I was taken into row 4, since I noticed some rows have 7 people and there were only 6 people in row 4, but she asked me to wait alone in the front, where all the employees could see me. I waited for 20 more minutes, and I found there were 8 people in some rows.

Nobody talked to me until I spoke to another female staff, and then she asked me to join a team of 6, 2 were a couple, while the other 4 were parents with 2 kids. I also found there were actually 8 seats in each show room. I’m an accountant, and I’m good with numbers. The only reason I could come up for this issue is that that female staff is not friendly to Asian or Chinese, or she might be a racist.

There’s no reason to make someone waiting in the line while there were extra seats available. I did not enjoy the moments while I was in the show room. And I talked to the manager after the show, who came up with a lot of crap or unacceptable reasons, trying to put the things down. I doubt that he has the sincerity to solve this problem.

So I choose to write you a complaint letter. I’m working in accounting industry, which is also a service industry. What I learned from my own experience is that not a single customer should be treated in this way. Universal Studio is a leader in the theme park competitors, and I have been to the parks in Singapore and Los Angeles, all experiences were first class.

I was pissed off for this experience, and I’m waiting for an reasonable response from Universal Studio Orlando. Also, I hope the other visitors would not need to experience what I have experienced. I do expect that Universal Studio will have more restrict management and provide more training to employees. If I cannot receive a decent reply in a week, I’ll publish this experience in social media.

My email is xingzixiejustin@gmail.com. I’ll visit Key West tomorrow (Dec 27), and go back to Toronto on Dec. 31st. My phone number is 647 833 8800, and it will be convenient after Dec 31st.

Thank you. Justin

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If you want to ride together, don't go in the single rider line. It doesn't have to do with race.

You thought you could get through the line faster as a single rider and you got broken up from your party. It's common sense I would think....

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